Terms that work—for everyone.

Terms that work—for everyone

In construction, cash flow is hard to predict. Paying with Billd allows suppliers to get paid
upfront while giving contractors the flexibility to pay for materials over time.

How it works

An integrated solution

Billd fits seamlessly into the material purchase process. With a few clicks, contractors can receive terms for material orders and suppliers have complete visibility every step of the way.

Built for speed and simplicity

Online enrollment and same day material approvals free up time so suppliers and contractors can focus their attention on growing their business.

Control your cashflow

Suppliers receive guaranteed, upfront payments, prior to shipping materials, and contractors gain the flexibility to pay for materials when they are actually paid.

A payment solution
designed for construction

With Billd, contractors have access to terms that mirror their repayment cycle and suppliers get paid how they want, when they want.

Drive more business
with terms

Suppliers can sell more materials, to more contractors. Contractors can build more projects, without delays.

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