Frequently Asked Questions

How Billd Works

What is Billd?

Billd is a payment solution that guarantees direct, upfront payments to suppliers (prior to shipping) for construction material purchases and provides contractors flexible (120-day) terms so delays won't affect their ability to grow their business.

Why is there a need for Billd?

The construction payment cycle is often unpredictable and can leave both contractors and building material suppliers waiting months for payment.

Who does Billd work with?

Billd works with building material suppliers and commercial contractors throughout the U.S. In some cases, Billd will work with contractors who are focused on new residential projects.

How does paying with Billd work?

  1. Billd pays suppliers directly, on behalf of contractors, for construction material purchases so contractors can focus on what they do best: building projects.
  2. Billd only needs two documents: (1) the contractor's contract with the general contractor/property owner and (2) the finalized supplier quote.
  3. Once these are uploaded into our portal, Billd pays the supplier on the date we've been instructed.
  4. Billd reviews purchase requests same day and can also fund same day!

What kind of purchases will Billd fund?

Billd accepts material purchase requests for qualified new residential and commercial projects.

Paying with Billd

What are the benefits of paying with Billd?

  • Billd enables Contractors to buy the construction materials they need today, with the flexibility to pay for them over time.
  • There are no hidden fees and payments are set upfront, prior to making a purchase.
  • Billd can pay any building material supplier (or manufacturer) who sells in the U.S. and accepts cash
  • Material purchase requests are processed and paid same-day if made within the bank transfer cutoff time.

How do contractors enroll with Billd?

Enrolling takes less than 5 minutes online and doesn't require any financials. Billd provides decisions within 24 hours (same day in most cases) and there is no cost or minimum usage requirements to apply. Interested in applying? Click here.

How much does it cost to pay with Billd?

The cost is similar to a credit card and is fixed prior to making a purchase. The payment amount will never increase and there are no prepayment penalties. Over time, the more purchases you pay off reduces the cost of Billd. Interested to see what you qualify for? Apply today.

How long is the repayment term with Billd?

Contractors receive 120-days to pay off the purchase regardless of the type of construction material.

Does Billd support staging material?

Absolutely! Each purchase receives its own 120-day term so there's no need to purchase everything upfront.

How long does it take for my supplier to receive payment from Billd?

Billd pays suppliers via ACH and in most cases, they'll receive the funds either the same day or next day.

Does purchasing with Billd help build business credit?

YES, we are serious about helping our customers grow their business. All payments are reported to the Small Business Financial Exchange (SBFE) and if payments are made on time, contractors will build up their credit.

What are Billd's approval requirements?

We are not a bank. When we evaluate a contractor, we look at experience, personal/business credit, and the project. We like to take a look at the entire picture, not just a person's credit.

Will my credit be checked?

Enrolling with Billd will never impact your credit score, as Billd doesn't conduct hard inquiries. In fact, we don't even need your social security number or DOB to run a soft credit check.

Which building material suppliers can Billd work with?

As long as the supplier (or manufacturer) sells construction materials in the U.S. and accepts cash, Billd can pay them on your behalf. Billd also has a preferred Partner Supplier program; so if your supplier signs up with Billd, there are some additional perks you receive on each purchase!

What if my supplier doesn't currently accept Billd?

No problem; we can still pay them directly. When you submit your first material purchase we'll reach out to your supplier and ask for their payment information.

Billd’s Partner Supplier Program

How do I partner with Billd?

Billd offers partnerships with suppliers which ensures direct, upfront payments prior to shipping. You control when Billd releases funds for the purchase through our portal and there's no recourse in the event the contractor doesn't repay Billd (in most cases).

Is there a monthly minimum commitment?

No! We believe in clear communication and investing in the partnership; not minimum commitments. You can pick and choose which customers and even which purchase it makes sense to accept Billd with.

What are the benefits of accepting Billd?

Are you currently accepting cash, joint checks, credit cards, and terms? Each of these has it's pros and cons. Billd allows you to control when you get paid while not having to take on the burden of collections, filing liens, credit monitoring, and losses.

What are the costs to accept Billd?

There's a small, upfront fee to accept Billd which ensures upfront payment to you and affords your customers a 30 or 60-day payment free period. Contractors only have access to the payment free period through Partner Suppliers.

How does Billd pay suppliers?

Billd pays via ACH and can fund purchases the same day. We provide funding notices via email and you also have complete visibility through our portal.

How do suppliers enroll contractors with Billd?

We give you the ability to enroll your customers directly through the Billd portal. All we need from you is the company's name and the person's contact info, and you are done.

How do suppliers enroll with Billd?

Sign-up is easy. You can enroll online, or shoot us an email at to schedule a call.

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