Chase business—not payments

Upfront payments from Billd reduces risk and frees up resources, so you can focus on what makes you money–logistics.
Boost sales and retention by providing customers flexible terms to purchase materials today and pay for them over time.

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Terms built for construction

Provide your customers access to financing designed to meet their cashflow needs. Net 30 payment terms are a thing of the past.

Increase sales

Your appetite for risk shouldn’t dictate who you want to do business with. Sell to a larger base and increase order values by enabling your customers to buy now and pay later.

Path to yes

Acquiring new customers is difficult; winning back legacy customers can be nearly impossible. Shut the door on your competition by arming your sales team with an option to always say “yes” to a purchase request.

Reduce Payment risk

What if your finance team could focus on growth opportunities rather than tracking down contractor payments and dealing with credit issues? With Billd, turn your credit department into a profit center.

An integrated payment solution

Speed and simplicity are the name of the game. Billd fits into your purchase process and removes the pain contractors face when deciding how they will purchase materials.


Billd leverages data and technology to quickly approve contractors, review projects and release payments. Suppliers have visibility every step of the way.

Invest in the future

Upfront, guaranteed payments improve cashflow and allow you to reallocate funds to invest in the growth of your business. Whether it’s investing in technology, expanding your footprint, or hiring, gain an edge over your competition with Billd.

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